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100 years. That’s the product service life of ChromX® 9100 (ASTM A1035-CS), a concrete reinforcing steel that is almost entirely resistant to corrosion. Scientifically engineered, ChromX® uncoated steel achieves its superior properties of corrosion resistance because of the patented steel microstructure that is formed during production. ChromX® concrete reinforcing steel exceeds project needs with innovation and precision and can be handled and fabricated like conventional rebar without the risk of damage, repair or inspection issues.

Manufactured from recycled scrap metal, ChromX® rebar can be found in structures around the world including bridges, roads, dams, tunnels, spillways, building structures and parking garages.

ChromX® 9100 has been independently tested and proven to be up to five times more corrosion resistant than conventional steel. Five times the corrosion resistance means:

  • ChromX® 9100 offers superior durability when your project requires corrosion resistance above and beyond that of coated products such as epoxy-coated rebar (ECR) and galvanized rebar.
  • ChromX® 9100 resists harmful corrosion when reinforcing concrete under any condition such as de-icing salts and chemicals, marine environments, aggressive soil compositions, high humidity and daily temperature swings.
  • Bridges, highways and other commercial-grade structures will require far less maintenance, repair and reinforcement which translates to lower life-cycle costs.
  • Your project could have a product service life of 100 years or more since the breakdown of concrete due to rebar corrosion is virtually eliminated due to the absence of chloride on the surface of the uncoated ChromX® steel.

Martensitic Microcomposite Formable Steel (MMFX) is the innovation behind all ChromX® products. It is this proprietary steel microstructure, along with a patented chemical composition, that creates the corrosion resistant and high strength properties within the bar, rather than a coating.

ChromX® products

With varying levels of corrosion resistant grades, owners, developers and structural engineers can design using high-strength efficiencies while selecting the corrosion-resistant product that best fits the service life expectation for the specific project or structure.

ChromX® 9000 Series

This high-level corrosion resistant steel provides up to a 100 year service life to first repair in concrete, depending on the specific application and design.

Grade 100 (690) and 120 (830)

ChromX® 4000 Series

This mid-level corrosion resistant steel provides approximately 40 - 60 years of service life to first repair in concrete, depending on the specific application and design.

Grade 100 (690) and 120 (830)

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